Opinions Are The New Facts



Trump surrogate Scottie Nell Hughes pretty much spelled out Republican strategy when she told us there were really no such things as facts.Her incredulous quote is the new truth of how things work. There is no reason for Republicans to tweak a winning formula.

“Well, I think it’s also an idea of an opinion. And that’s—on one hand, I hear half the media saying that these are lies. But on the other half, there are many people that go, ‘No, it’s true.’ And so one thing that has been interesting this entire campaign season to watch, is that people that say facts are facts—they’re not really facts. Everybody has a way—it’s kind of like looking at ratings, or looking at a glass of half-full water. Everybody has a way of interpreting them to be the truth, or not truth. There’s no such thing, unfortunately, anymore as facts. 

Scottie Nell Hughes

Mass media played a huge part in the way this election went down,  the right does not believe anything from the media (except FOX) and justifiably.  Fake news stories, commentators inability to get a straight answer, and biased reporting are all part of the problem. We all watched as tens of thousands of Trump Supporters showed up at rally after rally and still believed he didn’t have a chance to win. We trusted the media and all their polls more than we trusted our own eyes. Well no more!

When they go low we go high doesn’t work. It’s like bringing a toothpick to a knife fight. When they go low we may have to go lower. We are in a situation where we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t. Talking to the right is a waste of time so it’s time to make our Democratic leaders and the mass media do their jobs.  Not now, right now. This will involve work on our part. Peaceful protests, incessantly calling our leaders offices, and emailing all the time must become part of our new reality. Judges that don’t pursue the legal cases against Trump need to be put on blast.  Cases that are thrown out need just as much coverage as HRC got over her emails. CNN and others who skim over things and can’t get answers need to be held accountable. Hit them in the pocketbook that always works. Why aren’t we hearing more about all the protests that are not being allowed around the inauguration?

Clearly love did not trump hate. It’s time to fight fire with fire or come to terms with the fact that this country is lost and may not make it through four years of this. Give him a chance? Wait and see? I don’t think so.




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